David sitting at a tableDavid serves in the Nevada Assembly representing District 24 (Old Northwest Reno, Northeast Reno, Wells Avenue, the Old Southwest, Downtown) in hopes of making this great place to live even better.

As your Assemblyman, David pledges:

  • To work to get Nevadans back to work so we can get our economy back on track
  • To find common sense solutions to our budget crisis that balance our state budget while minimizing the impact on working families, education and other essential services
  • To make education a real priority–for our kids and for our economic recovery
  • To make safe, quality health care more affordable for all Nevadans
  • To make our government more accountable and transparent

David fights for:

An education system ready for the jobs of tomorrow

In our globalized economy, education is the key to ensuring a bright future for Nevadans. We need to improve our education system from kindergarten through higher education.

Fighting against larger class sizes, expanding full-day kindergarten opportunity into more schools, improving career and technical education opportunities, providing schools and teachers incentives to develop innovative classroom programs that really work in reaching more students, enhancing technology in the classroom, and doing a better job of helping college-bound students make the transition to higher education are all issues for which David works.

As a member of Council to Establish Academic Standards and chairman of both the Assembly Education Committee and the interim Legislative Committee on Education, David works to strengthen the standards for Nevada’s students and boost their achievement.

Working for tomorrow’s jobs, today

David on a job siteTo turn this economy around, we’ve got to get Nevadans back to work. Assemblyman Bobzien’s supported job-creating legislation and has lead the way on renewable energy. Earlier in 2010, David supported a bill to create 8,000 jobs for Nevadans by providing needed funding for road projects.

The author of Nevada’s wind power incentives and award-winning energy efficiency measures, David doesn’t just talk about our energy potential, but gets the job done to build our economic future. Next session, David will work to remove obstacles to the creation of even more renewable energy jobs for our state.

Stronger families by preparing for the challenges faced by our growing senior population

We have to recognize the impact on Nevada’s families posed by the high cost of prescription drugs and long-term care for our aging parents, as well as the difficulty in securing and maintaining affordable health insurance coverage.

To cut down on the confusion of medication management David introduced AB 235, a bill supported by AARP Nevada as a “top priority”. The successful passage of AB 235 now allows a consumer to request from their doctor, at the time a prescription is written, that a “plain English” label to indicate the purpose of the drug be placed on the bottle by the pharmacist.

Improved access to quality health care

Too many hard working Nevadans, many of whom work for small businesses, are either uninsured or underinsured, placing a great strain on our health care delivery system. We must work on finding innovative ways to help all Nevadans cope with rising health care costs.

David was the primary sponsor of AB 158, establishing Nevada’s Living Will Lockbox registry, an option for families of patients and health care professionals for the storage and retrieval of living wills. The registry helps ensure that the wishes of patients are honored when it comes to end-of-life decisions. The registry also alleviate problems caused when living wills are lost or cannot be retrieved quickly in times of medical emergency.

Sustaining Nevada’s quality of life through solutions to the challenges of growth, water and public lands access

David with hunting partnerNevadans love the outdoors; hunting, fishing, hiking and the other ways we recreate are important for raising families. Protecting our water, parks, wildlife and access to public lands must be priorities if we’re to build Nevada as an attractive state to companies and their employees.

Assemblyman Bobzien is a leader on conservation issues that protect Nevada’s quality of life, including expanding incentives for renewable energy through (AB 178), establishing a seat on the State Environmental Commission for a conservation advocate (AB 217), combating illegal dumps (AB 353), allowing water rights leasing for conservation (AB 296), requiring the use of best science in reviewing water transfers (AB 377), ensuring energy developers share in the cost of managing our state’s wildlife (AB 307), and many other pieces of legislation.