Giving thanks

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Daddy and Luca at swearing inAs we enter the holiday season and the 2016 election fades into the rear view mirror, I’m grateful for our winning campaign and the opportunity to work in the coming years to move Reno forward.

With my son Luca by my side, I took the oath of office this month for the second time to serve my neighbors on the Reno City Council. In my acceptance remarks, I called on my colleagues and all our citizens to make our City Hall an example of our City: a community welcoming of all, supportive, respectful and collaborative.

The RGJ wrote in their coverage of the recent swearing in:

‘Certainly the shadow of the national political scene hangs over all of us and there’s a lot of uncertainty over what it means,’ Bobzien said. ‘Let this city hall be a place free from invective, free from negative direction and comments that are critical of other people.’

“We can agree to disagree, and we don’t have to be disagreeable when we do that,’ he continued. ‘It doesn’t mean the person with whom we disagree with is evil or unworthy or someone you should be able to scream at. That’s not right. Lets make this a place that is better than that.’

A huge thank you to all who supported me during this campaign. You walked for me, you hosted yard signs, you contributed monetarily- I couldn’t have done it without you. Now starts the work. These next four years are critical to Reno. By working together, we can move Reno forward!

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